These states are setting wind energy records – and suing over Obama’s climate plans


On Tuesday, the American Wind Energy Association posted a very interesting list of new records being set by U.S. wind energy this month.

For instance, in the power grid for the state of Texas — known as ERCOT, or the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas — wind generated 14,023 megawatts (or million watts) of electricity at one point on Feb. 18, a new record high. On the same day, wind’s “penetration” within ERCOT temporarily reached 45.14 percent. In other words, at least for a moment, wind was supplying more than 45 percent of ERCOT’s electricity — and ERCOT manages 90 percent of Texas’s, supplying power to 24 million people.

These records reflect both favorable weather and also ever-increasing amounts of wind turbines installed in Texas, said Michael Goggin, AWEA’s senior director of research. But what’s so interesting is that this record was set in Texas, a state that is currently suing the Obama administration over the Clean Power Plan, which would of course favor the development of wind, solar and natural gas to the detriment of coal. <Read More>