The Coastal Law Field Lab Named one of the “Hot Classes for the Summer”

“If spending the summer outside while still honing your legal skills and earning credit is more your style, check out the four-week Coastal Law Field Lab,” writes the National Jurist.

The Coastal Law Field Lab is a six-credit, field-based summer course hosted by the University of South Carolina School of Law in Charleston, SC. The field lab is open to law students across the country, and consists of three modules: Coastal Law, Climate Change and the Coast, and Coastal Energy Law. It is unlike any course you have ever taken in law school. About half of the course is spent in the classroom. The rest of the course takes place “in the field,” learning about important coastal, environmental, and energy law issues where they matter: on beaches and islands, in marshes, and at other sites emblematic of the environmental challenges in sustainable development. 

Twice a week, the class will visit properties that have been at the heart of important litigation or that illustrate high-profile issues. At the sites, students will meet with guest speakers who will provide unique insight into these problems. The speakers represent the range of professionals involved in the day-to-day of coastal law: state regulators, attorneys, geologists, ecologists, environmental representatives, and developers.

In addition, the field lab includes supplemental lectures on topics critical to good coastal lawyering such as coastal oceanography, environmental policy and economics, and alternative energy technology. The combination of legal coursework, interdisciplinary lectures, and eight issue-packed field labs will give you a comprehensive understanding of the coast, coastal issues, and the role that law and lawyers play in resolving those issues.

The field lab will take place from June 18th to July 15th. Applications are available at online, and are due by May 1, 2017, or until the seats are filled.