South Carolina Law’s 2012 Fall Semester in Review

2012 Semester in ReviewJust before the start of the 2012 school year, South Carolina Law began focusing on the use of social media–namely Facebook and Twitter–to help us share the many great things our faculty, students and alumni are doing, and the latest news from the Law School.

We’ve received such a wonderful response from our many dedicated alumni and students, as well as those interested in South Carolina Law, adding 218 new Facebook fans (for a total of 1,139) and 244 Twitter followers from July 20 to December 31, 2012.

We’re so thankful for all of you who are our fans and followers. Our goal was–and is–to try to keep the information we post as relevant and useful as possible. One way we can help determine this is through, a URL shorten-er that also tracks the number of times a particular link was clicked.

So what were the most “clicked-on” stories during the 2012 Fall Semester?

#10 – 48 clicks: In October, we unveiled our website’s first upgrade in several years.

#9 – 49 clicks: Also in October, The State reported that construction for the new law school might start sometime in 2013.

#8 – 51 clicks: In December, the faculty and staff came together with its most successful “Families Helping Families” holiday campaign ever.

#7 – 67 clicks: In August, Associate Professor of Law Marcia Zug weighed in the Baby Veronica case for Slate Magazine.

#6 – 71 clicks: Law students bonded together to help Alan Martinez after his near-fatal car wreck in September.

#5 – 82 clicks: In August, before school even started, many students got a jump on the first week’s readings. Interestingly, as of this publication, only 22 have checked out the Spring’s semester’s readings… (Note: differently links were used for the Fall and Spring semesters, but both go to the same URL, which is updated each semester).

#4 – 106 clicks: Also in August, Greenville Business Magazine revealed it’s Legal Elite for 2012, 60 percent of whom are South Carolina Law alums.

#3 – 110 clicks: At the end of October, the results of the SC Bar Exam were revealed.

#2 – 164 clicks: Photos of our December graduates, who took part in the Hooding Ceremony.

#1 – 216 clicks: In December, through a partnership with Harvard Law and the SC HIV/AIDS Council, South Carolina Law hosted a forum on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of Medicaid in South Carolina.

We’re looking forward to bringing you many more stories in 2013, and we hope you’ll continue to find them important and relevant. If you have ideas or topics that you’d like to see on our website, or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, please share them with us!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Not all stories posted on the various platforms in 2012 used links, something we intend to change in 2013.

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