School of Law launches new website

In addition to moving into its new home in May 2017, the University of South Carolina School of Law has a new home on the Internet. But don’t worry. You can still find it at
The entirely revamped website launched on May 16, and features a new modern layout that has a responsive design, so it looks good on any platform, from desktop to tablet to mobile phone. The new architecture was designed to be more intuitive, and make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.  
One of the most notable changes is that the website is divided into two parts. 
The first part is aimed at prospective students and faculty candidates. The website is arguably the biggest marketing tool the School of Law has to attract new students and faculty, and the language and content on the pages have been reworked to do just that—share the many wonderful reasons to consider South Carolina Law.  These are the first pages that visitors will see.
The second part includes “internal-facing” pages, which are aimed at current students, faculty, and staff. These pages can be accessed by going to the “My Law School” link at the very bottom of the left-side navigation menu.
This section includes more in-depth information about academic programs, as well as other resources that are considered more internal, such as links to Self-Service Carolina, faculty by-laws, the student hand book, financial aid info, etc. Some of these pages are already in the content management system, while others link back to the old site.  Before long, all of the content will be in the CMS.
We hope you like it, and invite you to take a look around.