Prof. Ann Eisenberg co-authors article for S.C. Law Review with Cornell faculty

In 2017 Prof. Ann Eisenberg co-authored “If It Walks Like Systematic Exclusion and Quacks Like Systematic Exclusion: Follow-Up on Removal of Women and African-Americans in Jury Selection in South Carolina Capital Cases, 1997-2014.” This Article was written with Cornell University faculty members Amelia Courtney Hritz, Caisa Elizabeth Royer and Jonn H. Blume and published in the South Carolina Law Review. This Article builds on an earlier study analyzing bases and rates of removal of women and African-American jurors in a set of South Carolina capital cases decided between 1997 and 2012. The authors examine and assess additional data from new perspectives in order to establish a more robust, statistically strengthened response to the original research question: whether, and if so, why, prospective women and African-American jurors were disproportionately removed in different stages of jury selection in a set of South Carolina capital cases.