Partnership with Gray’s Inn provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences


For over a decade now, USC Law has continuously grown and strengthened its relationship with the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, one of England’s four Inns of Court. But how does this partnership help students prepare for their careers? Class of 2014 alumna Brooke Eaves reflects on the lessons she learned from her participation in the Moot Court competition against Gray’s Inn, hosted here at USC Law last fall:

“Spending time with the Moot Court Team from Gray’s Inn during the week of September 11, 2013, was an amazing learning experience. During their stay in Columbia, SC, I had the opportunity to take the Gray’s Inn Team out to lunch and dinner along with other USC Moot Court Members. Throughout our meals together we discussed the legal system in London and the Gray’s Inn team members were particularly intrigued by the “Po’ Boy” sandwich.

My partner, Rashad Pendarvis, and I argued against Jamie Scott and Amy Stout from the Gray’s Inn team in the Moot Court Competition at the USC School of Law. Our competition problem was based on English law, which gave me the opportunity to learn about their laws and legal system. Specifically, my legal arguments were largely based on the Human Rights Act which is the United Kingdom’s equivalent to the United States Constitution.

During this competition, we presented our case before Associate Justice Costa M. Pleicones of the South Carolina Supreme Court, Chief Judge John C. Few of the South Carolina Court of Appeals, and The Honourable Justice Dame Davies of the High Court in London.

BrookeEaves-2The opportunity to argue before these Honourable Judges as a law student was truly a once in a lifetime experience that tremendously improved my oral argument skills. Moreover, the judges gave us invaluable feedback and tips which have greatly enhanced our abilities as oral advocates.

In addition, I was recently hired to become an Associate Attorney at the Maguire Law Firm in Myrtle Beach, SC. During my interview with the Maguire Law Firm, I was able to share my experience in the Gray’s Inn Moot Court Competition and I believe that the skills I further developed through this competition will help me to serve as an effective oral advocate for my clients at the Maguire Law Firm.

The Gray’s Inn Moot Court Competition was open to the public and all Moot Court alumni members of the USC School of Law were invited to attend. After the event, I had the pleasure of speaking with several alumni members and South Carolina Judges who found the competition to be an impressive representation of the USC School of Law’s Moot Court Team. The relationship between the USC School of Law and Gray’s Inn has been very beneficial to my legal education and I am very appreciative of the dedication that Professor McWilliams and Professor Bockman have displayed in their support of these unique educational opportunities with Gray’s Inn.”