No, you can’t take a selfie at a South Carolina voting booth

WIS, 28 OCTOBER 2016:

With absentee voting underway in several states, if you have the urge to take a selfie at the poll like Justin Timberlake did earlier this week – you might want to think twice. That’s because several states, including South Carolina, have a law against it that could get you in trouble.

While it was a good attempt to try and get his fans out to the polls to vote, it backfired when he and several others realized taking a selfie at the voting booth is against the law in at least 19 states.

Voters are using it as a tool to show how proud they are to vote, and some are using it as a way to encourage others to get out and vote. What we found Thursday was a few voters capturing that moment outside after voting — including Richland County voter Deborah Brown, who said she just wants people to get out and vote.

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