Prof. Josh Eagle’s new book to be published as a part of Foundation Press’ new series

In July 2017, Foundation Press will publish Prof. Josh Eagle’s new book, Natural Resources Law and Policy, as part of its Concepts and Insights Series. Eagle wrote this book with Professors James Salzman (UCLA) and Barton H. Thompson, Jr. (Stanford Law School).

The book is a user-friendly, concise, inexpensive text on how we manage our valuable resources. Written to be an enjoyable and informative guide to natural resources, rather than used as a dry reference source, the authors provide a broad conceptual overview of natural resource management while also explaining the major statutes, cases, and doctrines. The book is intended for three audiences – students (both graduate and undergraduate) seeking a readable study guide for their natural-resource and environmental courses; professors who do not use casebooks (relying on their own materials or case studies) but want an integrating text or want to include conceptual materials on the major legal issues; and practicing lawyers and professionals who want a readable overview of the field.