Jill Kunkle receives LAWS award

KUNKLE, JILL 571__154-1007-XLJill Kunkle, Associate Director of Career Services, received the first LAWS award for the Spring 2016 semester in recognition of her many contributions to the USC School of Law’s outreach opportunities. In addition to single-handedly organizing Small Firm Day, Kunkle also manages Career Week each year. When the school decided to create the Konduros Leadership program, Kunkle stepped up to lead the program’s committee. She researched other leadership programs thoroughly and created the Konduros program’s curriculum from scratch. She has volunteered countless hours to ensuring this program succeeds. As her colleagues say, “Whenever something needs to be done, Jill is the first to volunteer.” This award recognizes all of Kunkle’s contributions to the law school. 

The next deadline to nominate a member of staff for the LAWS award is November 15, 2016. Please visit the Staff Recognition page for more information.