Hilary Martin featured as a USC “Top Scholar”

Hilary and her mother enjoyed meeting Cocky during their campus tour. Hilary became a Gamecock that same day.

Hilary and her mother enjoyed meeting Cocky during their campus tour. Hilary became a Gamecock that same day.

Second-year student Hilary Martin was recently featured in “Top Scholar,” the University of South Carolina’s 2014-2015 annual report of Stamps Carolina, Carolina, McNair, Hamilton and Horseshoe Scholars.

Martin was the recipient of the Mrs. Hubbard H. Harris Scholarship. Growing up in South Carolina, she didn’t expect law to be her projected path when she applied to USC:

“I came to Carolina just knowing that I wanted to be a doctor. Besides, I had practically grown up within the walls of the hospital since my mother was a nurse and my father was a manager of the x-ray department at our local hospital. I came to Carolina destined to be a biology major and to expand our medical family.

“Yet, here I am in law school. Here I am taking advantage of one of Carolina’s best-kept secrets: the six-year B.S./J.D. partnership between the Honors College and the School of Law.

“Here I am not being a doctor. On a whim my sophomore year, I decided to take Legal Persuasion with Professor Bockman through the Honors College. I never dreamed that taking this class would completely change my goals for the future.

“Professor Bockman not only became my teacher, but he became my friend, my mentor and my colleague. He showed me the world of law — the world of persuasion. He showed me how my biology degree did not have to automatically force me into the medical field, but that it could expand horizons in law as well. I realized then that while I loved medicine and loved my family, I was not meant to be a doctor. Rather, I was meant to be a lawyer.

“Now, I am finishing up my first year in law school. I will graduate from the Honors College in May 2015 and will continue to attend the USC School of Law until graduation in 2017. I have accepted a clerking position at a firm that couples my love of science with my love of law.

“I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that USC has provided me, and I am beyond excited to further my education here for at least two more years.”

Click below to download the full annual report (PDF).