Governor, distinguished guests attend first official class in new building

(Left to right) Professor Alan Medlin, Sen. Gerald Malloy, Judge Dennis Shedd, Dean Rob Wilcox, Gov. Henry McMaster, Professor Philip Lacy.

On Monday, May 29, the first class was held in the new University of South Carolina School of Law building. Professors Alan Medlin and Philip Lacy merged their 11:30 a.m. classes to welcome a few distinguished guests for the historic first.

Gov. Henry McMaster, Sen. Gerald Malloy of the 29th District, Judge Dennis Shedd of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and Chief U.S. District Judge Terry L. Wooten, along with Dean Wilcox gave remarks and toasted the new building with donuts and coffee. As alumni, the guests shared their experiences at the School of Law, reminiscing on the past buildings, both at 701 Main St. and the previous building at Petigru.

Gov. McMaster congratulated students on their choice to attend South Carolina Law, pointing to the institution as a symbol of the state’s strength and growth. Sen. Malloy shared lyrics from a song, reminding students that law school is not just a building, but a home. Judge Shedd recalled some of his favorite firsts, adding the first class in the building to his list.  Judge Wooten joined the class via video, offering best wishes and thanks to the leadership at the law school.

Summer classes will continue through July 21. First-year students will attend orientation on Aug. 17, and then the majority of students will return to the new building for the fall semester on Aug. 24.

Explore the new building here.

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