Over the past couple of years, USC Law has reached new heights, while beginning to change the way legal education is provided in South Carolina.

We have been fortunate to have university support, which has allowed us to replenish our teaching staff with 10 new professors and faculty librarians, including Elizabeth Chambliss, whom you will meet in this issue.

Rob WilcoxNew academic support opportunities have been developed, including Kick Start, which acclimates 1Ls to law school a week before orientation. Kick Start is one aspect of a growing Academic Success and Bar Preparation program, which supports students during all three years.

We are rapidly increasing our externships, replenishing our clinics, and creating new capstone courses to provide real and simulated practice experiences for 3Ls. Plus, the first class to benefit from our enhanced legal research and writing curriculum graduates this May.

And there is more to come. An environmental law laboratory course taught at the Baruch Institute this spring, and a new Children’s Law Certificate — described in the pages that follow — will benefit two of our state’s most precious gifts: our magnificent coastline and our youngest residents.

Our commitment to volunteer service remains unwavering, and you will read about just a few of our many students who provide extraordinary assistance to those who need better access to the legal system.

You will also learn some good news about jobs for USC Law graduates, who are being hired at a rate well above the national average. For students to graduate with manageable debt loads, we need to continue increasing scholarship support. I know you will be touched as we all were by Brooke Mosteller’s recollections of her classmate Joe McNulty, in whose memory one of our most recent scholarships was awarded.

I hope you will agree that it pays to read the fine print*!


Robert M. Wilcox