Pam Robinson presents at AALS conference

Pamela D. Robinson, director of the University of South Carolina School of Law Pro Bono Program, spoke as part of a panel discussion titled “Bridging the Gaps: Using Technology to Increase Access to Justice and Law School Engagement” at the Association of American Law Schools annual conference in January 2017.

Pam Robinson highlighted in Clemson World magazine

Pamela D. Robinson

Pam Robinson (1986) was the featured alumna in Clemson World magazine in January. The magazine highlighted Robinson’s passion for helping others and her career as the director of the University of South Carolina School of Law’s Pro Bono Program.

“We can’t, as law school and law students, solve all the problems of the community, but we can be there as part of the solution,” she said.

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Terminating parental rights: State policies vary widely


For child-welfare agencies across the United States, it’s the ultimate sanction: terminating the rights of parents to raise their own children due to concerns about abuse and neglect.

All states resort to this step when deemed necessary for a child’s well-being, but there are wide state-to-state disparities in the rate of terminations and the extent of support services to avoid foster care placements. According to federal data, some states terminate parental rights at a rate 25 times higher than states at the low end of the scale. <Read More>

Inge Lewis receives inaugural ADVOCATE award

LEWIS, INGE 558__154-1007-XLInge Lewis, Faculty Support Services, received the School of Law’s first ADVOCATE award in February 2016. The award recognizes staff who help create a positive work environment through fostering qualities important to the School of Law.

Lewis has aided professors with proofreading and cite-checking manuscripts, obtaining copyright and purchasing information for media, and overall providing support to professors in their scholarship. As one professor says, “She always gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going. She is a great asset to the school. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help.”

The next deadline to nominate a member of staff for the ADVOCATE award is May 31. Please visit the Staff Recognition page for more information. 

Joe Davis receives March 2016 ADVOCATE award

LAWSCHOOL FACEBOOK 2013-14Joe Davis, the law school’s business manager, received the March 2016 ADVOCATE award. Davis responds to concerns about the building, needs of staff, and requests for information. He is also known for approaching complicated situations with calm and creativity. His colleagues say, “Joe displays the qualities that contribute to a positive work environment here at the law school, especially being attentive, dedicated, and dependable.” This award recognizes Davis’s contributions to creating a positive and comfortable work environment at the law school. 

The next deadline to nominate a staff member for the ADVOCATE award is May 31. Please visit the Staff Recognition Page for more information. 

Jill Kunkle receives LAWS award

KUNKLE, JILL 571__154-1007-XLJill Kunkle, Associate Director of Career Services, received the first LAWS award for the Spring 2016 semester in recognition of her many contributions to the USC School of Law’s outreach opportunities. In addition to single-handedly organizing Small Firm Day, Kunkle also manages Career Week each year. When the school decided to create the Konduros Leadership program, Kunkle stepped up to lead the program’s committee. She researched other leadership programs thoroughly and created the Konduros program’s curriculum from scratch. She has volunteered countless hours to ensuring this program succeeds. As her colleagues say, “Whenever something needs to be done, Jill is the first to volunteer.” This award recognizes all of Kunkle’s contributions to the law school. 

The next deadline to nominate a member of staff for the LAWS award is November 15, 2016. Please visit the Staff Recognition page for more information.