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Sowell Gray Robinson attorneys named Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

Nine of Sowell Gray Robinson’s attorneys have been named 2018 South Carolina Super Lawyers®, and five additional lawyers were selected as 2018 South Carolina “Rising Stars.” Of those employees, seven Super Lawyers and four Rising Stars are University of South Carolina alumni.

• Betsy Gray (1976)
• Becky Laffitte (1983)
• Bill Metzger (1989)
• Biff Sowell (1976)
• Bobby Stepp (1977)
• Monty Todd (1982)
• Cal Watson (1987)

Rising stars:

• Ben Gooding (2012)
• Paul Hoefer (2008)
• Alexis Lindsay (2009)
• Michael Montgomery (2006)

He’s protested at Hilton Head Hyundai for 8 months. Meet the man with the sign on U.S. 278


You’re pushing 60 mph, maybe 70, on the highway, shooting out of the curve near the car dealerships and that big American flag, and you flash by him — the man off to your right wearing golf spikes, holding the sign — and you have no idea you’ve just blown past a battlefield.

A war is being fought here, on a debris-strewn shoulder off U.S. 278. It’s a war of attrition that pits the First Amendment against business interests, one waged between a company that says it’s being slandered and a self-proclaimed patriot with a sales background — the man on the side of the road.

He holds the sign, and the sign holds the clues.