Prof. Joe Seiner publishes article in Ohio State Law Journal

Prof. Joe Seiner published, “Tailoring Class Actions to the On-Demand Economy” in the 77th edition of the Ohio State Law Journal. Navigating the statutes, case law, and procedural rules, this Essay proposes a workable five-part framework for analyzing systemic claims brought in the technology sector. This paper sets forth a model for the courts and litigants to follow when evaluating the proper scope of these cases. The Essay seeks to spark a dialogue on this important — yet unexplored — area of the law. 

Prof. Josh Eagle’s new book to be published as a part of Foundation Press’ new series

In July 2017, Foundation Press will publish Prof. Josh Eagle’s new book, Natural Resources Law and Policy, as part of its Concepts and Insights Series. Eagle wrote this book with Professors James Salzman (UCLA) and Barton H. Thompson, Jr. (Stanford Law School).

The book is a user-friendly, concise, inexpensive text on how we manage our valuable resources. Written to be an enjoyable and informative guide to natural resources, rather than used as a dry reference source, the authors provide a broad conceptual overview of natural resource management while also explaining the major statutes, cases, and doctrines. The book is intended for three audiences – students (both graduate and undergraduate) seeking a readable study guide for their natural-resource and environmental courses; professors who do not use casebooks (relying on their own materials or case studies) but want an integrating text or want to include conceptual materials on the major legal issues; and practicing lawyers and professionals who want a readable overview of the field.

Christopher Church co-authors article in University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change

Christopher Church co-authored an article published in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change Volume 19, Number 3. The article, Easy Come, Easy Go: The Plight of Children who Spend Less than Thirty Days in Foster Care, was written with University of Michigan’s Vivek S. Sankaran. 

Prof. Welton to be published in the North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology

Prof. Shelley Welton’s article “Grid Modernization and Energy Poverty” will be published in the North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology (forthcoming 2017).

Only by explicitly understanding how the issues of grid modernization and energy poverty intersect, and by coming up with creative ways to address the challenges created, can regulators gain the comfort they need to move forward with grid modernization reforms in the face of rising inequality and substantial energy poverty. To get at these connections, this article utilizes a case study of New York State’s grid modernization efforts. As part of these efforts, regulators there have pursued an inclusive inquiry into how best to manage the ways in which grid modernization might have disparate impacts on lower-income consumers, producing some important early-stage lessons for emerging modernization efforts in other states.

Prof. Stoughton to publish article in American Journal of Criminal Law

Prof. Seth Stoughton’s article “The Blurred Blue Line: Reform in an Era of Public & Private Policing” is forthcoming in the American Journal of Criminal Law. The article contributes to an on-going conversation about modern conceptions of policing. Perhaps more importantly, given the broad consensus that policing is in need of reform, this article explores some of the ways in which the blurred blue line should affect the way we think about police reform. 

Prof. Eagle’s article named one of five best environmental law articles

In May, a national committee of environmental law professors selected one of Prof. Josh Eagle‘s recent law review articles, “When Does Legal Flexibility Work in Environmental Law?” (42 E.L.Q. 787- 2015), as one of the five best environmental law articles published in the United States in 2015.

Professor Eric Biber of the University of California-Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law co-authored the article, which will be reprinted in an annual volume entitled Land Use and Environment Law Review.

Prof. Josh Eagle selected as Visiting Research Scholar at the University of British Columbia

In May 2017, Prof. Josh Eagle was selected as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of British Columbia. In the fall, Eagle will be working on a book entitled The Nature of Oceanfront Property. Eagle was chosen as one of 12 Wall Scholars for 2017-18. Other Wall Scholars include professors from Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Duke universities.

Adjunct faculty to be published in Mississippi College Law Review

Travis Wheeler, an adjunct faculty member, wrote “Embracing the Inevitable and Reshaping Antitrust Law Re: Vertical Restraints” in 35 Miss. C.L. Rev. 472. The article proposes that fair readings of the academic literature, case law, and the antitrust laws themselves support simple and efficient interpretations for all vertical restraints that will provide clarity to businesses and attorneys and enhance overall efficiency in the application of vertical restraints law.