Josh Gupta-Kagan publishes new report

Josh Gupta-Kagan, Assistant Professor of Law, published a new report “Effective Solutions to South Carolina’s Juvenile Justice Crisis: Safety, Rehabilitation, and Fiscal Responsibility,” alongside P&A senior attorney Nancy McCormick and attorneys Robert Meriwether and Jase Glenn of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP. The report addresses how to build a better juvenile justice system that would reduce criminal activity through rehabilitating child offenders in smaller facilities, keeping children and juvenile justice staff safe, and more efficiently spending tax dollars.

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Prof. Marcia Zug writes a guest blog


I like stories about women. In college I read Ulysses and thought Molly Bloom’s chapter was the best. In my 19th century American literature class my favorite books were The Scarlet Letter and My Antonia. In my British literature classes I loved Austen and Woolf. I adore Hamlet, MacBeth and Lear, but I don’t like the King Henry plays. I don’t care for Hemingway. I thought Moby Dick was a bit long. I liked the beginning and the end, but all I remember about the middle was that there were four chapters on whale brains and one about whale penises. When there are no women in a book, I tend to lose interest. I’ve had a Bechdel test for books long before the Bechdel test was a thing. <Read More>

Professor Susan Kuo becomes Associate Dean

KuoKickstandPhoto-150Professor Susan Kuo was named the new Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion in June 2016. In this position, she will help ensure the School of Law is doing all it can to foster diversity and inclusion among the students, faculty, and staff. A recipient of the 2014 Social Justice Award given by UofSC’s Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, Professor Kuo has focused much of her teaching and research on issues of social justice, race, and the law. 

Professor Bryant Walker Smith presents at conference

WalkerSmith-Bryant-1Professor Bryant Walker Smith spoke on a panel at The University of Washington School of Law’s conference, “Artificial Intelligence: Law and Policy” in May 2016. The conference took place at the White House and focused on robotics. Professor Smith’s panel was called “Embodying Data” and explored many issues pertinent to the artificial intelligence movement, particularly self-driving cars. 

Pamela Melton wins SEAALL award

melton_pamelaPamela Melton, Associate Director for Library Administration, received the Service to SEAALL award. SEAALL is the Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Librarians, which is the national professional organization for law librarians. Ms. Melton has held numerous positions within SEAALL, including President, and was instrumental in organizing and hosting the 2011 SEAALL meeting in Columbia, SC. She received the award at the annual meeting in April 2016 in Dallas, TX. 

@UofSCLaw Prof. Nelson receives grant to study viability of race-neutral admissions policies at law schools

nelsonUniversity of South Carolina School of Law Professor Eboni S. Nelson was recently awarded a $115,000 grant by Access Group to conduct a new study aimed at seeing if there is a relationship between students’ racial identities and race-neutral identity factors for the purpose of law school admissions. 

 Nelson and her co-investigators will survey first-year law students on the race-neutral elements of their identity such as neighborhood demographics and schools attended. The ultimate goal is to see how schools can create a more diverse student body and provide greater educational access to students of color without having to specifically ask questions about race. 

 Her co-investigators include Dr. Ronald Pitner, with the University of South Carolina College of Social Work, and Carla Pratt, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Educational Equity and Professor of Law at Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law. 

 Access Group is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of about 200 ABA-approved and state-affiliated law schools that “works to further access, affordability and the value of legal education, specifically, and graduate and professional education more broadly, through research, policy advocacy, and direct member and student educational services.” 

Prof. Kenneth W. Gaines named Director of Clinical Legal Education

GAINES, KENNETHProfessor Kenneth W. Gaines was named the new director of Clinical Legal Education in January 2016. Gaines has taught the Criminal Practice Clinic at the School of Law since 1991, and Advanced Trial Advocacy since 2000. He joined the faculty in 1978 as an assistant dean and lecturer in law, and has held numerous leadership positions both within the School of Law and in the Columbia legal community.